• Yee Ping Yeung


Visiting a park can be more of a challenge for people with disabilities, however, in Victoria, there are a wide range of facilities to help people of all abilities enjoy our wonderful parks around the state.

Accessible canoe launcher Victoria's first all-accessible floating pontoon and canoe launcher is at Psyche Bend in Kings Billabong in Mildura. All-terrain wheelchairs TrailRider all-terrain wheelchairs are allowing visitors with limited mobility to access more rugged walking trails. Autism friendly visits Social script resources for children on the autism spectrum are available for Brimbank Park, Buchan Caves, Jells Park, Serendip Sanctuary and Wilsons Prom. Beach wheelchairs Beach wheelchairs are are enabling mobility impaired visitors to explore many spectacular beaches and walking trails that have sandy surfaces. Brimbank Park playscape A haven for creative play, Brimbank Park Playscape was designed to create opportunities for children of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs. Stairclimber at Buchan Caves The Stairclimber at Buchan Caves is making access into the spectacular Fairy Cave easier for children and small adults with limited mobility. Walk in the Park program The Walk in the Park program provides group walks in parks for visitors who are blind or vision impaired. Wheelchair to boat access at Patterson River A free electric hoist at the Patterson River boat ramps assists wheelchair users to transfer safely in and out of boats.

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