• Yee Ping Yeung

Saturday - Out and About

Apart from the email here is the capture of what Joyful put behind the scene to ensure the safest possible to our lovely participants https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2020-05/fact-sheet-covid-19-outbreak-preparedness-prevention-and-management_0_0.pdf

• Update staff training in infection control procedures, including standard precautions (hand hygiene, correct use of appropriate PPE where needed (and disposal procedures), and cough and sneeze etiquette) and transmission-based precautions (contact and droplet precautions).

• Undertake a stocktake of consumables and source additional supplies if necessary.

This could include compiling an ‘outbreak kit’ with items such as:

o personal protective equipment

o hand hygiene products (hand sanitizer, liquid soap) o cleaning supplies

o other essential supplies such as toilet paper and food

Increased environmental (car seat) cleaning

Limited of passenger in each of our vehicles

Avoiding crowds, only go natures - reservoirs, Lake park, ParkWalks, Scenic Drive, Botanical Gardens

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