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Some of the best scenic drives in Victoria

Due to the current restrictions - we are not able go movie and bowling when it rains. An idea is to hit the road and explore some of the most beautiful roads to drive on in Victoria. Our rego partly pays for these tarmac trails so you might as well enjoy them. Here’s our top pick of the best scenic drives in Victoria close to us!

Black Spur Drive

Distance: 56km

Get ready to meet some dinosaurs. Or at least that’s what it feels like what’s about to happen when you drive the Black Spur. As you tootle underneath pole-straight gums and past verdant ferns on a foggy morning (and it does not take much to make it foggy up there), it’s not hard to imagine a velociraptor darting across your path. The road is best started at Lilydale and then followed through to Marysville. Drive carefully and keep an eye out for wildlife, fallen trees and hairpin turns on the way. Beach Road Melbourne Distance: 18km Melbourne might not be known for its beaches in a way that Sydney is, but no one told Beach Road. This suburban roadway between Mordialloc and Brighton is a great option for those wanting a good drive, not a long drive. On the way, you can stop at some of Melbourne’s best beaches if you so desire, as well as rubberneck at the monolithic beachfront homes of the city’s one per cent. 

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