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Warburton Accessibility

The Warburton Valley is dedicated to providing as many opportunities as possible for as many people as possible. Accessible tourism is an important part of our way of being inclusive and welcoming of all.

Download a summary of 'accessible' locations in Warburton including ramp and toilet access, parking and accessibility to key public buildings and local attractions including the Waterwheel and the Swingbridge.


Trail Rider


The all-terrain wheelchair, or TrailRider, is available for loan by visitors and residents to the Warburton Valley.

It is built to handle rugged terrain and a wide variety of tracks providing access to walking trails not suitable for a regular wheelchair.

The TrailRider can be booked at the Warburton Waterwheel by calling 03 5966 9600 or by emailing the Waterwheel.

The TrailRider:

•    weighs 23kg and is easy to use •    is comfortable with a cushioned seat and a relaxed seating position •    is a motorised wheelchair but requires a minimum of two operators (or Sherpas, who assist the rider by pushing and pulling the wheelchair over rough terrain) •    can be folded up and transported in the back of a car •    gives people with mobility difficulties an equal opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors •    is FREE TO HIRE

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